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With over 45 years experience in machinery, starting with industrial maintenance and controls in the 1980’s and progressing into PLC’s and HMI’s in the early 1990’s, I have experience on many types of automation machinery.

Starting to design and build controls for in-house machines in the 1990’s I advanced my skills and knowledge.

In the year 2000 I started working for a machinery builder and started designing automation machines along with controls for them and advanced quickly. During this time I had a small side business for after hours service requests.

When the machinery builder closed its doors I found myself busier than ever with calls from its customers that knew I was available – my side business became full time.

I started operating with a partner until the business was badly effected by the 2020 lock-downs with many customers going out of business and the ones remaining scaling down their operations. The partner I joined with over the years filed personal bankruptcy and that business had to be closed.

I then created Ivanova Automation LLC to continue working in the field I like. Programming PLC’s is more of a hobby and I enjoy learning new methods to do things.

Now in partnership to be an integrator, providing engineering, commissioning and servicing of robots in the United States for the full line of Turin robots. The first sale for Ivanova Automation was for 5 Turin welding robots to upgrade existing cells that have 20 year old Panasonic robots. See the Turin Robots page for more information and links for Turin robots.




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