A sample of some projects.

First Turin 6 Axis Robot Under Installation

First Turin Welding Robot In The USA Ready To Weld
ControlLogix Upgrade

A ControlLogix PLC upgrade for a processing machine that was being run on a SLC5/05. The main rack was replaced and 2 remote SLC racks were converted to Ethernet control by this PLC.

CAD Schematic

From a simple controls update to a complete retrofit, and design of new equipment, precise CAD drawn schematics are provided for every job along with copies of PLC and HMI programs.

Sudio5000 Ladder Programming

PLC programming from simple updates to complete automation projects. This is a sample of Rockwell’s Studio 5000 for the Allen Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix families

Rockwell On The Move

Believing in continual education I attend many training events and seminars. This is one of a few certificates received at a traveling Rockwell event.

Ivanova Automation Logo

Safety in machine controls is a priority during design and build. Physical E-stop safety circuits to prevent any operation are needed. If the machine the SLC5/03 PLC pictured below only had the E-stop wired to a PLC input and the PLC program then processed it, this PLC – which is faulted and not running its program – would not change the state of any of the outputs shown on. Any motor, drive, pump, blower or anything else run by this PLC would never stop if this PLC stopped running its program, possibly injuring and killing workers at or near the equipment.

Normally when a PLC faults the firmware shuts off all outputs, but on this specific unit any output that was on stays on. Outputs on also stay on if this PLC is put in Program Mode, which is how this safety anomaly was discovered.

A physical E-stop safety relay is needed to interrupt the power to the PLC outputs to stop all operation. The PLC shown has been marked on all sides bright red and is kept only for training purposes as it is too dangerous to be used in any application.

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