Turin Robots

Ivanova Automation LLC is pleased to now be an integrator for Turin robots.

One of the first lot of 5 Turin robots purchased by Ivanova Automation LLC. Shown under testing before being shipped for installation. 27 July, 2022

Turin has over 25,000 robots sold around the world with 40 years experience making high quality robots at competitive prices, including a variety of 6-axis handling robots, 6-axis welding robots and 4-axis SCARA robots. All with a state of the art robot controller and teach pendant.

Ivanova Automation LLC has partnered with Turin Robots to be an integrator providing engineering, commissioning and servicing of robots in the United States. An effort is underway for Ivanova Automation LLC to become a full service US distributor for Turin Robots, hopefully in the near future.

Ivanova’s first sale of 5 Turin welding robots is scheduled to be delivered mid September. These will be the first Turin robots delivered to the United States, and hopefully the first of many more. The Turin robots will replace 20 year old Panasonic robots that have become high-maintenance and unreliable, and the repair and replacement costs have risen steadily.

For more information email: robots@ivanovaautomation.com

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Turin catalog Cover