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July 1, 2022

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Ivanova Automation LLC, Michigan, is pleased to announce a partnership with SOT Tech, Inc. to be an Integrator for the United States for their line of Turin industrial robots. Turin has a proven track record with over 25,000 robots sold worldwide since 2007 and has acquired RRRobotica, an Italian robot manufacturer, and incorporated that line into theirs.

Ivanova Automation LLC has been an industrial automation supplier for southern Michigan providing design, build, update and repair of all types of industrial automation machinery, along with troubleshooting and repair of man type of industrial machines. As an integrator Ivanova Automation will sell, design, install, program and service Turin robots in the United States, along with have a stock of wearables and repair parts on hand.

Turin Robots has a full line of 6 axis handling robots, 6 axis welding robots and 4 axis SCARA robots, covering payload capacities from 3 kg to 165 kg. Turin industrial robots are widely used in welding, painting, handling, palletizing, polishing, gluing, pick and place, and other fields. Robots can be customized for specific operations and needs.

Ivanova Automation LLC’s President, Gregg Ines, says this partnership will help solidify Ivanova’s place in the industrial automation field, and may develop into a distributor arrangement in which they will acquire a warehouse for sales of robots and repair parts, along with in-house rebuilds and retrofits.

Ivanova Automation’s first sale of Turin robots was for 5 welding robots to replace 20 year old Panasonic’s for a stamping facility in lower Michigan to upgrade their production cells. The customer has stated that after these 5 are running they plan on replacing all of their remaining 16 robots within the year.

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